Refund and Returns Policy


We aim to delivery you a premium quality product. As with most living things there is a wide variation across species, seasonality and appearance. We try to do our best to match your order to how it is displayed on the website. Due to certain times of the year when some species of plants are scarce we may have to substitute certain plants for others, however, we will always aim to provide a plants that closely resembles the products on our website.

If you’re unhappy with your plant for any reason, please contact us within 14 days.

If you to return your PlantGift, we can collect and refund the cost of the plant, provided the care instructions have been adhered to.

If you think your PlantGift has arrived damaged or is unhealthy, please email us a photo.

We ensure each PlantGift is made from the freshest plants. Due to transport however sometimes your order may require some water and day light to recover its glow, please consider if it has travelled a fair distance to get to you. Each PlantGift is given plenty of nutrients in the soil that may take a few days for you plants to avail of.

Cancellation policy

If you wish to exercise your right of cancellation within 14 days, you are obliged to retain possession of your goods and take reasonable care of them according to our plant care guidelines.